Asset Tracking

Track & Trace Application

Track & Trace is a flexible asset tracking application that can be installed on a STRATO blockchain network.

Fortune 500 companies like Bayer Crop Science and BHP Billiton leverage STRATO's track-and-trace to build their enterprise solutions.
Bayer Crop Science
BHP Billiton
BHP Billiton
The application has four different user roles built-in that correspond to a typical supply chain:

추적해야 하는 자산을 만들고 해당 자산에 대한 입찰가를 관리합니다.


자산에 입찰하고 전달되는 대로 자산 상태 업데이트


유통업체로부터 최종 자산 구매


모든 관련 활동을 실시간으로 모니터링

What Can It Track?

Track and trace comes with a built in "widget" asset that can represent any physical good (e.g. shoes, diamonds, fish) OR digital/financial asset (e.g. loan, warranty, ticket) as a smart contract

Demo Videos

New STRATO Track & Trace DEMO Video

Watch the NEW demo video of the Track & Trace app on BlockApps STRATO. Back by popular demand, this demo includes the latest built-in privacy features and much more.

2019 STRATO Track & Trace Demo

Watch our supply chain app demo video. BlockApps' track-and-trace application is free to use for STRATO customers.

주요 혜택

Track & Trace makes it simpler for all parties to view asset provenance and status in real time – greatly improving both operational efficiency and reporting capabilities.


  • Increased visibility into market demand and downstream product usage
  • Simplified regulatory compliance
  • List and manage products with custom specifications


  • Deep & reliable provenance information for every product on the platform
  • Integration existing with POS and sales management systems
  • Simplified regulatory reporting and enhanced business analytics


  • Reliable product supply and demand information
  • Real-time asset status information
  • Integration with existing logistics, ERP and inventory management systems


  • End-to-end provenance information on all tracked assets
  • Instant monitoring & reporting capabilities
  • Improved asset taxonomy and standards enforcement capabilities

How Does It Track Assets?

Assets are represented by digitally unique smart contracts that are privately exchanged between those roles.

This asset data is kept private through STRATO private chains.

Four Built-in Roles

Track and trace is a flexible supply chain application that runs on STRATO. The application has four different user roles built-in that correspond to a typical supply chain.

Where Does Asset Data Go?

Asset data is stored in a blockchain-validated database.
The database is available for easy import and export through STRATO's RESTful API.

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