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Current Challenge

Consumers today are concerned about getting to know more about what they eat; where the food comes from and how it is produced.

However, the conventional food supply chain fails at providing such lucidity as it witnesses the participation of various players such as growers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers before the food products finally reach the end consumer.

Additionally, there is a lack of trust between the stakeholders of the food supply chain as they are strangers to each other. In case of a disease or outbreak, there are no sufficient ways to trace back to the bad batch which can control a lot of financial and biological damage (Ex: The corona Virus spread from the exotic animal market in Wuhan, China)

Product Overview

Tracefood provides a blockchain powered solution to ensure complete transparency in the complex food supply chain. Tracefood Includes:

  • Food Tracking: Provenance tracking of the food products is a cakewalk with Tracefood as blockchain records every minute detail right from the production phase to the delivery of the food products to the consumers. Say for instance, you can view any credential of the given food product such as where and when it is produced, the shelf life of the food product, the temperature at which it is stored and much more.
  • Food Safety: No fraudulence activities happen in the food supply chain under the guard of blockchain. The superfluous technology fetches the proof of ownership as the food products pass through the hierarchy. In such a case, the safety and quality of the food products remain untouched.
  • Improved Trust: As Blockchain is an immutable and decentralized network not manipulated by anyone in particular, every stakeholder of the food supply chain counts it as a reliable source. The commonness in dependency in turn encourages a player to trust every other player on the network at large.
  • Standardization: We strictly follow GS1 standards.
  • IOT and AI: Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial intelligence are the other leading technologies we have access to. Blending AI and IoT with Blockchain shall fetch superfluous merits for the food supply chain industry. With IoT, the food packages shall be tagged with valid Blockchain-powered sensors that store the temperature, shelf life and other freshness metrics of the corresponding food products ensuring food safety.
    As the food supply chain deals with raw materials that are perishable, implementing AI in a Blockchain network for food supply chain fetches timely insights on the market value of the stock and helps to make decisions on the maintenance of extra stock or under stock as per the requirement.

Out Of the Box Included:

  • ERP Automation : capable of integrating with most of the ERP system
  • Blockchain based tracking, verification and storage of data
  • GS1 Plugin : Barcode
  • PTI Label


  • IoT Implementation : Temperature sensor, GPS tracking and etc
  • AI for crop cycle predictions

Niche / Market

  • All STRATO Apps
  • All STRATO Apps

Key Benefits

  • Gain Consumer trust for your brand
  • Food Transparency
  • Complete product history
  • Increased brand visibility for entire supply chain


Beginner - $53 USD/M - Onboarding $2500

  • Templates - 5
  • Multiple participants - 12
  • Confirmation of records - 500
  • Support - Email
  • Business Units - 1

Intermediate - $106 USD/M - Onboarding $3500

  • Templates - 10
  • Multiple Participants - 30
  • Confirmation of records on the Blockchain - 5000
  • Support - Email
  • Business units - 3

Professional - $305 USD/M - Onboarding $5000

  • Templates - 30
  • Multiple Participants - 60
  • Confirmation of records - 30,000
  • Support - Email
  • Business units - 6
  • Advanced analytics
  • API access
  • Supply Chain Mapping

Enterprise - Custom Monthly and Onboarding

  • Templates - Unlimited
  • Participants - Unlimited
  • Confirmation of records - unlimited
  • Support - Phone or email
  • Business Unites - Unlimited
  • Advanced analytics
  • API access
  • Supply Chain Mapping

Supporting Documentation


Access to ERP API

  • Process flow Layout of the system
  • Required KDE(Key data Elements ) or parameters
  • GS1 barcode

Mobile App - (Android or IOS) OR Desktop Web App

Key Differentiators

  • Blockchain based Supply chain on Global GS1 Standards for Large Enterprises and customized to meet local Standard protocol for SMEs.
  • Payment gateway system can accept both crypto and fiat currency (Farmer can sell the produce to the manufacturer directly).
  • Real-Time ERP integration with Tracefood, as well as Local/manual quality certificate authority body, is accepted with PTI labeling.
  • Tracefood is scalable not only to Traceability but also as Inventory management.
  • Catering to all the sectors of food industry & not restricted to a particular sector (Ex. Exotic foods)
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